Newsflash: Men Still Like Football

With the Olympics over, everybody in professional baseball spitting and scratching themselves while mostly standing around for three hours and despite the ongoing debacle with college football, men have apparently decided that they still like football – at least the professional version of the sport – as the season-opening NFL Sunday Night Football game drew the highest ratings numbers ever for a Sunday evening broadcast. The game pitted the Denver Broncos against the Pittsburgh Steelers and we are going to go out on a lofty limb here and suggest that at least several million of the reasons people were watching may have possibly been, oh, we don’t know, because of the point totals they were amassing for their fantasy football league teams. Either that, or everybody really likes Peyton Manning, Denver, Pittsburgh or all three [but this has not been borne out by history nor the world’s extensive psychic network].

The Sunday game between Denver and Pittsburgh – won by Denver, 31-19 – was viewed by nearly 30 million across North America.

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