World Of Warcraft Retreats To 2016 Release Date


Once “Star Wars” officially announced their December 2015 release date, the other movie studios and their movies have been slowly vacating the premises and the latest one to join the parade leaving their December 2015 release date in the dust is “World of Warcraft”. The WoW movie based on the MMO game of the same… [Continue Reading]

Happy Turkey Day!

turkey ap 440

Gobble! Gobble! Today is the day when you are allowed to gorge on mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, stuffing, cranberries in some form or another and of course, your holiday required L-tryptophan dosage in the form of turkey. Turkeys will, of course, be unhappy today but here is hoping you will have a Happy Turkey Day… [Continue Reading]

Black Friday Death Match: Sony PS4 vs. Microsoft Xbox One


Going into Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Takeback Tuesday and all those other nicknamed consumer shopping days between now and the end of December, perhaps the most-watched battle will be between the competing video game console systems. In this corner, you have the Sony PlayStation 4, weighing in at a mere $399, with a million units… [Continue Reading]

Xbox One Lifts Off Launch Pad

Games Xbox

The much-ballyhooed Xbox One console from Microsoft, the console that focuses on an all-around entertainment experience rather than the pure gaming console, has officially launched today. The Xbox One features a slew of exclusive games for its console including “Ryse: Son of Rome”, “Forza Motorsport 5”, “Dead Rising 3” and “Titanfall”. In addition to the… [Continue Reading]

A Perfect Day For Sony PlayStation 4


Sony’s next generation video game console – the Sony PlayStation 4 – has officially launched and features 21 exclusive games along with 23 more non-exclusive games that can be played immediately. Both lists are staggering. The exclusive game list includes DriveClub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack and Uncharted 4. The non-exclusive game list includes Assassin’s Creed… [Continue Reading]

Call of Duty: Ghosts Officially On Duty Now


Today’s the big day for the official release of the much anticipated “Call of Duty: Ghosts” video game from the Infinity Ward gamemakers who specialize in single player action which will supplement the well-layered multiplayer universe already in existence in the franchise. The newest version of the game boasts, as usual, cutting edge graphics and… [Continue Reading]

Google Continues World Domination With Video Game Vending Machines


Google unveiled their latest product in their continuing effort for world domination – video game vending machines. The vending machines, dubbed GooglePlay, distribute 18 different gaming titles – a mix of free-to-play and paid titles – for download to your Android 4.0 smartphones [with NFC]. If you are not an Android smartphone user, the machine… [Continue Reading]

Japan World Cup 3 – Bet On The Longshot


All this time you were probably wondering how Japan mentally deals with being so close to crazy neighbor North Korea? Turns out they deal with it quite well – by creating horse racing video games…sorta. May we present Japan World Cup 3…

Sweden Defeats Ukraine For World Geek Team Gamer Title


Team gaming or eSports held their world championship in Seattle this week and it was Sweden – represented by Team Alliance – displacing returning 2011 champion Ukraine [Team Na’Vi] for the title, winning a best-of-five matches, 3-2. Neolution Orange from Malaysia placed third and this marked the first time that no team from China got… [Continue Reading]

Comic-Con 2013: Day Two Schedule Highlights


The Day Two Comic-Con 2013 schedule has been officially released and, should you happen to be lucky enough to make it to San Diego in less than two weeks, here are the Day Two highlights from which you will have your pick… Day Two morning highlights – right off the bat, you will have to… [Continue Reading]

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